I heard about Taryn via ThompsonHoliday painting as I was in need of figuring out paint colors for my new condo. I sent Taryn a few emails to give her an idea of the new space and colors I was drawn towards. She came to my current apartment to view my existing furniture and the colors she had preselected for me were right in line with my taste, and were definitely colors I would have not considered on my own -which I appreciated. She even came to my new condo to help determine what colors go where. It wasn’t the best day weather wise, so I couldn’t gauge the actual color since there wasn’t a whole lot of natural light coming in - but Taryn really knew the idea/looks I was going for and all the colors she had selected were great contenders.  I really trust her judgment as she was able to understand the look I wanted to achieve. She even had bigger sample boards (not just the little mini squares of color) so having a bigger color board helped me visualize the color on a larger scale. I could tell she takes great pride in her job and is very knowledgeable about color design. I think her rate was well worth the peace of mind in making the right color selections to last a long time!
Thanks Taryn!

Amy, Chicago IL

I hired Taryn for a color consultation on my townhouse. The previous owners used ten unique, highly saturated colors throughout the house and it was stifling. My space is a converted manufacturing plant so there are some interesting architectural features that seemed exploited by all the loud color. I wanted a sophisticated color story that would enhance my home's features in a stunning but subtle way. After our initial phone call, I had a good sense about Taryn; she quickly understood the challenges of my project and thoroughly reviewed the reference materials I sent. When Taryn came to my home, she was prepared with exacting color samples -- I was very specific about what I wanted and she delivered spot-on choices.

Taryn has a hands-on, pragmatic approach that I really like. From sitting on the floor sifting through paint chips to holding selections against the walls in practically every room of my house, her collaborative style makes her great to work with. She offers many practical tips as well--things I would never have thought of--like: as I was admiring a color chip on the floor, she pointed out that you would never see a color from that perspective and sure enough once we held it against the wall, it looked very different. She also followed-up promptly to some questions I had after her visit.

Taryn is a talented designer with a great eye and I would definitely hire her again.

Barbara, Chicago IL

Working with Taryn was a fantastic experience. From the moment I first spoke to her she was friendly, professional and cared about doing the job right.

We hired Taryn to color consult a new home that we bought in Chicago. We first met at our current place which was great because she could visually see our style. We shared with her some paint, flooring and furniture samples which helped her visualize the new place without actually seeing it. A few days later, we met at our new home and she brought paint and wallpaper samples for us to see. She clearly listened very well to what we were looking for because we loved everything she picked out. I should point out that Taryn was extremely accommodating as well. We had painters coming the day after we closed on our home so we had an aggressive timeline that didn't allow much time for us to ponder the colors - we needed to move quickly - and this was no issue whatsoever.

Then, the painters came and made her recommendations a reality. Taryn nailed it! The colors were gorgeous and even more beautiful than I would've imagined. She has such a great sense of style and our home looks amazing.

I loved working with Taryn and would recommend her to anybody. She is great to work with and your place will look amazing when she's done!

Alicia and Ryan, Chicago IL

Taryn from Chicago Redesign is awesome! I live in a small dated studio apartment with two dogs. She chose gorgeous paint colors that transformed my place from choppy to cohesive. She is pleasant to work with and helped me stay on budget. She also organized the project which helped keep me on task. She worked hard to create cost effective, space saving solutions that reflect my personal style. My home is now clutter free, stylish, tranquil but vibrant, functional, family and dog friendly. It's truly the sanctuary I crave after 10 hour work days.

Kennedy, Chicago IL

Taryn was a huge help. I had recently moved into a new home and had worked on many of the rooms but they just didn't seem finished. She walked through my house room by room and helped me figure out how to make small adjustments to finish each one off. She provided inexpensive ideas for ways to achieve some of the looks I wanted. I would highly recommend Taryn. She is a good listener and has great ideas

Blythe, Wilmette IL

Taryn of Chicago ReDesign listened and looked over my decorating issues. She presented me with a plan that would solve all the problems. We are working on the living, dining, bathroom and master bedroom.
I was a person who couldn't commit to any one color but she helped me get grounded. She has an excellent eye for style and color that I'm sure she was born with but her education made her a master stylist.
She is easy to work with and will stay within a budget. When my choice of wall paper went on sale, she let me know right away so I could save.
Taryn is patient and explains why some things work and why others would not.
I saw her recommendations for projects on Houzz and that's why I called her. My home is already more cohesive because of furniture placement and new wall colors. I'm doing some projects myself to save money but bringing in upholsterers, a shade company and a wall paper hanger for the pro touch.  I couldn't be happier with the results so far. Close your eyes and jump in!

Gail, Wheaton IL

Taryn has the eye for making things look beautiful but liveable. She came into my home a couple of times and worked on different rooms for me. All the rooms are very stylish but totally functional which is what you want when you have a toddler. She really listens to what you want and has great ideas as to how to get you to your final goal. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to have a beautiful space.

Simone, Chicago IL

Taryn at Chicago ReDesign got our house ready for sale. We didn't realize how cluttered, dark and dull our house was until Taryn turned into a beauty that we wished we had sooner. She recommended paint colors for every room that literally transformed the look of the house. She moved furniture around in every room until she found the perfect location for each piece. She brought a few key items into the house such as plants and pots to bring the outside in. She also painted artful designs on canvas for us which ended up being the center piece of the dining room. Our realtor was very impressed and thankful for the work Taryn did because our house sold to the first buyer in less than a week on the market. If we didn't have Taryn's help I know we wouldn't have sold so quick if at all. Thanks Taryn!

Kristin, Chicago IL

Taryn is such a pleasure to work with and you will not be disappointed! She is a very hardworking individual who knows her stuff. With her previous experience and "can do" attitude, she makes sure that the projects are on time, on budget and they turn out beautifully. I would highly recommend working with Chicago ReDesign!

Heather, Chicago IL


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